A Song for Her

A Song for Her

Drop me a line, you can call any time,
I know that you know when
You come to my door, I’ll answer for sure, I’ll always let you in
Well it seems to me, you need a hand,
to help you make it through.
I don’t mind, call any time, you choose.

This old world, can be tough on a girl
and sometimes you need a friend
I don’t mind bearing the load
if it’ll help your soul to mend
and no, I’ve not forgotten,
all that we’ve been through
I don’t mind, call anytime, you choose

In this life you can’t always find
the strength to make it through
and there’s so many things
to lighten the weight of this load life puts on you
But if you need somewhere to go
and someone to give you truth
I don’t mind, call any time, you choose
I don’t mind, call any time, you choose


Bhudda in the Dark


My extreme mood shifts are a real chore to deal with at times. This week I’ve been the calm and gentle Bhudda; at one with the universe, laughing and happy, everything seems as clear as a reflection on still water.

Looking over the last month or so I’ve been in a state of great agitation. Not that it’s all been negative. In fact most has been positive, yet it has still been a struggle to perform the daily tasks that need finished, organize my goals in an efficient manner, and keep the focus on the essential truths about life as I see them.


If I could lock my mind and body into the state it is in today I would live a better life. But it’s not as easy as flipping a switch. Or maybe it is and I’m just fumbling in the dark unable to locate it.

Where is Today’s George Carlin?

Where is this generation’s George Carlin? Richard Pryor? Bill Hicks? Lenny Bruce? Where are those raw, unapologetic wordsmiths that can ‘tell it like it is’ is a way that really gets the point across but also makes you laugh? Laugh at how ridiculous it all is? Laugh at yourself? Laugh at the world?


Don’t get me wrong, there are some funny comedians performing, and there are some ‘edgy’ comedians performing, but I don’t see anyone that rises above the rest. There isn’t anyone that can shock the world anymore, in a good way, and I don’t believe it’s because we’ve become so ‘desensitized’ by it all.

The problem is two-fold. The comedians, for the most part, are lazy. The game has changed. In the golden days of the craft you studied the language. You used wordplay, developed interesting dialogue, discovered your own unique voices if needed and developed characters. You worked the clubs and moved up slowly, always honing and polishing your craft, tossing off the slag, keeping what shined. Write and rewrite. Now it’s about youtube and getting kicked in the nuts. Five minutes of fame and out. So many flash in the pans and so many ‘big name’ comedians that wouldn’t have been able to open for some of the above-mentioned legends. Even the good ones, that I actually enjoy, are just shadows of what came before. Patton Oswalt, Louis C. K. etc… They suck. Sorry, somebody had to say it.

The other problem though is me, and audiences in general. You ever watch old films of live shows? What do you see? People that are engaged. People enjoying the world around them. People without the thing I’m typing this on in their hand, not ‘connected’ to anyone or anybody but those in their immediate vicinity. Whether it was a comedy show, or a concert, or a play the audience was there and they were wholly a part of the experience. Do yourselves a favor and leave that shit in the car the next time you go in somewhere. The world wide web will be there when you get back.

That’s not all though. People at comedy shows could laugh at themselves back then. They could laugh at their neighbors. They could laugh at ANYTHING. Why is everyone so serious now? Do you snowflakes need a safe space? Has everyone forgotten that, when it comes down to it, words are just wind. Unless you’re Zhuang Zhou. Cool guy, Chinese dude, a little before Jesus check him out. They aren’t going to hurt you. Fuck, we’ve known that since gradeschool, or at least I have.

Where is the next legend that’s going to do the work? The one that’s going to have the vision to put it all together, and bring us all together, over the ridiculousness of humanity? He or she is out there but some of that shit starts with you. Lighten up, buttercup.maxresdefault (1)

You’re All That I Need (For Trisha)

The sun shines
Almost as bright as your smile
And though the path we walk
Is paved with doubts
I won’t run from
Whatever may come
You are the only one
That won’t let me down

So we’ll just stand up
Gather our plans up
We’ll walk through this world
Full of confusion
You and I against it all.

Whatever may come up
I know that we’re strong enough
We’ll take the whole world with us
Wherever we may roam

You’re all that I want
You’re all that I need
Two halves of a whole
You make me complete

You’re all that I want
You’re all that I need
You are my soul
You are my everything

You’re all that I need

The oceans are almost
As full as the heart that you hold
Each day when
We’re together or apart

And I know that your love
Feels exactly the same
Forever together we’ll weather whatever
And hold each other
wrapped in our arms (be)cause,

You’re all that I want
You’re all that I need
Two halves of a whole
You make me complete

You’re all that I want
You’re all that I need
You are my soul
You are my everything

You’re all that I need

Busy Life

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything to post. It’s interesting how easily time gets away from me these days. Between spending time with my family, my musical endeavors, and other important and not so important aspects of life I sometimes lose that balance I strive for. Soon I’ll have more to share and I hope some will be interested.

In the meantime, for fans of poetry, you should check out my friend’s blog. He’s a great inspiration to my own writing and has a beautiful mind.


Also, for my fellow writers, poets, and misfits, please feel free to reccomend sites and writers who inspire you in the comments.

I often say, about the arts and life in general, we’re all in this together. Art isn’t a competition, it’s a collaboration.


See you soon.

A Balanced Approach

Life can seem so complex at times. Some of us worry about money, whether we’re raising our children right. Some of us worry about the face we present to the world. Have to keep up with the neighbors. Car trouble, school trouble, legal trouble, that country song from the nineties, T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Worry about what we put in our bodies, worry about politics and politicians. Worry if we’ll ever find the right one, or even the right one for tonight.

Unemployment, inflation, acne, college and college expenses, retirement, hair loss, weight loss, weight gain, sexual prowess, the afterlife, germs, terrorism, pets, whether we’re attractive enough, fashion, being late, being early, bed bugs, bee stings, insurance, plants, the environment, religious beliefs, our parents and grandparents health, Facebook likes, whether people will enjoy what you’ve written…

With all of these worries it can be easy to forget to take the time to enjoy life. Enjoy raising children. Enjoy your morning coffee. Enjoy a beautiful sunset or sunrise.

Music, books, food, fine wine, cheap wine, a hug, a kiss, simply holding hands. Walking, laughing, card games, board games, video games, television shows, a warm blanket, flowers, hiking, biking, sleeping, waking, a cold glass of tea, new socks, starlight, rainbows, cute kittens, ugly kittens, that song T-R-O-U-B-L-E from the nineties, philosophy, sex, good conversation, friendship, and of course a decent blog.

I’m not telling anyone to stop worrying about some of these things; to worry is natural.

I only ask that you never forget to find the joy as well.

Part of You

Part of You

Life it seems to fade away, another moment passes by.
All of this can turn to dust, in the blink of an eye.
But I know that you’ll rest easy.
And you’ll find your peace.

Part of you is gone. But part is still with me.

We can’t forget our history, or our lessons from the past.
As long as we find time for love, all of this can last.
Just know that we’ll be easy, and we’ll find our peace.

Part of you is gone. But part is still with me.

Close your eyes. It’s not goodbye.

Though part of you is gone. Part is still with me.

Yeah, part of you is gone. But part’s forever with me.