Driving With Nick

This is a new song, unfortunately my computer is down at the moment. Recording in the future.


The gas gauge reading almost empty
So I whip it up to the pump
The jockey asks me says “What’ll it be?”

I says “Just fill that son of a bitch up”

So I threw that jock a fifty
Told him he could keep the change
Thundered into the night
Threadin’ in and out the lanes

Jivin’ in my old Jimmy
Kick it down onto the floor
Peel the rubber down to the rim
Let ’em eat ’til they can’t no more

Fishtail out in the street
Swerve then I pull it in tight
Send a prayer up to good St. Frances
Gonna need a guide to make it tonight

Old Nick is on my shoulder
His eyes as red as a maiden’s blush
Said “Frances Weren’t around
So with me you’ll try your luck”

The streets were nearly empty
As I pulled onto the bridge
It was just about that time
That I felt the engine give

Old Nick he started laughing
As I spun out of control
I hit the rail doing one thirty five
There was nowhere left to go


My heart beats softly
The sun shines down on the rose
The wind cools my soul

A swift flash of green
Followed by a baffled croak
I’ve disturbed his sleep

Ghosts rise from the ground
Enveloping me fully
Beneath the cold light

Natural laughter
A reflection to my ears
Something silver leaps wildly

A gentle mist falls
The clouds part allowing sun
Color fills the sky

Chirping fills my ears
I lay my head near the pond
Night cools me just so

On Writing, Part Two

On Writing, Part Two

I borrowed the title of this piece from Stephen King’s book. It’s okay though, when I saw him a few months ago he gave me permission.

I’d like to ramble on about writing a bit today, and more specifically, the different processes I use to accomplish different types of writing. I like to dabble and experiment with a wide variety of forms and formats as opposed to focus on one particular style. My only end goal is enjoying what I’ve written so it works for me.

I use several different methods depending on the day, my mood, the type of writing I’m going for, etc… I’ll try to break them down below.

I Don’t Know

I’ll get this one out of the way first. I think all writers get these from time to time. Whether sitting and actively trying to write, stuck in traffic, eating dinner, chatting on the phone with someone, etc… sometimes an idea just hits you. Boom, you can go from nothing to write about to overflowing *snap* just like that. I enjoy having this happen and some solid writing comes this way but am loathe to rely on it because of its unpredictable nature. An example on this blog would be the post “Time“.

An Inspiring Lyric or Sentence

I oftentimes draw inspiration both from lyrics and novels and apply them to my own writing. When I first began writing I thought everything that I was going to write had to be different, original, dissimilar from all other writing. That is I bit unrealistic unless you want to write completely random sentences. Sentences that make no sense to anyone. I began to realize that every artist, no matter the field, draws inspiration from others.

There is a line in a song by Tom Waits called “Take it With Me” that goes “The ocean is blue, as blue as your eyes.” I always felt that was a beautiful line and wanted to write one more beautiful for my wife. The song “You’re All That I Need” was completely inspired by that one line. I don’t know that i succeeded in topping that Waits’ line, but that was my attempt.

Specific Formats

There are a lot of different, widely accepted, forms of writing and they are easily available for research on the internet. Simply type “List of poetry forms”, “song format examples”, etc… into your favorite search engine and voilá; a whole slew of new styles to explore. An obvious example on this blog would be the post “Limericks“.

Free Writing

I’ll often sit, let my mind drift and write whatever happens to cross it. Here’s an example:

Love has come and never left
The moon’s been shot
The culprit is at large and the authorities have undermined…

I was fishing one time with my grandfather and that never happened.

Free Writing
Grab the lightning
In a bottle
Or a can
However you can
Understand the plan isn’t planned

Dry the rain from your hair, the tears, the teardrops from your eyes.

Warm yourself by the comfort of the fire, soothe your soul in the comfort of my eyes.

Divine the divine

Something old
Something new
Something stolen

A lot of Edgar Allen Poe’s work reads like poetry. He had an unfair advantage though; By just spelling his name he was halfway there.

Over there is hope for the future
The dawning of dawn
A day to remember
Nothing but time, time for sorrow, time for love.

That is from a few minute session I did yesterday. Ninety percent of that won’t be used but there’s a line or two in there I may shine up and insert into something at some point. Examples of this can be seen throughout a good many of posts. I save all of my free writing jots. You never know when a line that may not make sense or seem useful today can be incorporated into a future work.

There are other ways I find inspiration, but those are a few tools that I utilize. I’m really interested to hear of any methods that you find to spark creativity, and whether you yourself have ever tried any of the above.

Until next time.

A Solitary Tear

Divide the dividends
And abscond with your crooked friends
To the island of Moreau

A beastly intrusion
I’ve shattered the illusion of
Your beauty, I fear

I’ve shed but one solitary tear
There was a time I held you dear
But I’ve let all that go

False laughter and promises
Promiscuity and dominance
Enough! Return from whence you came.


All That I Want

I want you to travel along
I want you to finish this song
If I had you right here
To stay by my side
Everything would be alright

Because you turn my wrongs into rights
You make both my days and my nights
You walk on the water honey
I swear that it’s true
All that I want is you

I want you to have and to hold
I want you to watch us grow old
And if you would grant me
This wish I hold dear
I’d promise to always be near

Because you turn my wrongs into rights
You make both my days and my nights
You walk on the water honey
I swear that it’s true
All that I want is you


Yeah, all that I want is you


Every decision made was bad. For years he would come to crossroads and choose the wrong paths. Come to doors that lead to opportunity and slam them shut, lock them, break the keys off in the lock.

One day he says enough is enough. He decides to make the right choices, take the right paths. He is optimistic, pleased with the visions of his new life.

The next door he comes to, filled with opportunities, is open. He tries to go through but he is too fat. The years of poor diet have taken their toll. The same for the next three doors. He comes to a branch in the road. He tries to go down the one that looks the most promising but after a a few hundred feet comes to a bridge that has been sabotaged from the other end. Years of bad decisions have made him many enemies, at this point they don’t want him to get ahead.

He turns back to the branch in the road and contemplates his options. The path of poor decisions is clear, flat, and quite easy to tread. It is a valid option. If broken down logically he thinks to himself, I’ll just die one day regardless of whether I drink healthy, am nice, do drugs, or exercise. He takes a step onto that path. He pauses.

He thinks of the other options. He could maybe eat a little better, excersize a bit, until he could fit through one of those doors. Or perhaps he could yell across the gap the bridge used to span. Maybe someone could be convinced he was a changed man. He stood there mulling it over in his head, unable to decide what to do.

He still stands there, not realizing that in doing so he has made the poorest choice of all.

You’re All That I Need (For Trisha)

The sun shines
Almost as bright as your smile
And though the path we walk
Is paved with doubts
I won’t run from
Whatever may come
You are the only one
That won’t let me down

So we’ll just stand up
Gather our plans up
We’ll walk through this world
Full of confusion
You and I against it all.

Whatever may come up
I know that we’re strong enough
We’ll take the whole world with us
Wherever we may roam

You’re all that I want
You’re all that I need
Two halves of a whole
You make me complete

You’re all that I want
You’re all that I need
You are my soul
You are my everything

You’re all that I need

The oceans are almost
As full as the heart that you hold
Each day when
We’re together or apart

And I know that your love
Feels exactly the same
Forever together we’ll weather whatever
And hold each other
wrapped in our arms (be)cause,

You’re all that I want
You’re all that I need
Two halves of a whole
You make me complete

You’re all that I want
You’re all that I need
You are my soul
You are my everything

You’re all that I need