Driving With Nick

This is a new song, unfortunately my computer is down at the moment. Recording in the future.


The gas gauge reading almost empty
So I whip it up to the pump
The jockey asks me says “What’ll it be?”

I says “Just fill that son of a bitch up”

So I threw that jock a fifty
Told him he could keep the change
Thundered into the night
Threadin’ in and out the lanes

Jivin’ in my old Jimmy
Kick it down onto the floor
Peel the rubber down to the rim
Let ’em eat ’til they can’t no more

Fishtail out in the street
Swerve then I pull it in tight
Send a prayer up to good St. Frances
Gonna need a guide to make it tonight

Old Nick is on my shoulder
His eyes as red as a maiden’s blush
Said “Frances Weren’t around
So with me you’ll try your luck”

The streets were nearly empty
As I pulled onto the bridge
It was just about that time
That I felt the engine give

Old Nick he started laughing
As I spun out of control
I hit the rail doing one thirty five
There was nowhere left to go


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