Dancing With My Devil

It’s a wonderful thing that you’ve brought. It shines like a diamond. Truly picturesque. All the way from the land of Jerusalem it has traveled, the tales say.

How many have died? How many have been silenced? Will I be silenced? What price will it fetch? What price does one place on such a curio?

“An eye for an eye” it is said. I’ve nothing of equal value to offer for such. Go. Take it with you, tempt me not, devil.

The heart of man was not built to carry such a burden. Shoulders so broad have yet to be birthed. To accept such, even as a gift, would be akin to digging my own grave.

The month of August you come bearing this… this… curse. This… blessing. I look at my wife, lying next to me, and realize once again she is my world.

Outside my window you stand beckoning. If I cross that threshold purgatory awaits, I’ve no doubt.


Yet it seems the choice is no longer mine.

The window creaks open. You glide in phantasmal, ethereal. I am helpless, unable to move. My cries for mercy fall upon deaf ears.

You envelope me.
Ensnare me.
Intertwine your soul to mine.

Hello me, it’s me again.

A dagger in my back, placed with my own hand. Killing my good intentions and well laid plans.

I waltz with myself across the ballroom of my mind. Ravel’s La valse bleeds from the walls.

The colors are Extraordinary.

The scenes flash by as we turn.
The dawn of man. The birth and downfall of civilizations, both mighty and weak. Life. Death. Love. Loss. Hope. Despair.

Eternity passes, or perhaps a second.

Soon forget the intrusion. I return from my mind and, lying in my bed, all is well.

But oh how we danced, myself and I.


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