My Family

Kind and beautiful, you’ve captured my heart.
Although at times you try my patience, I couldn’t live apart.
Truly I do love your carefree easy way.
Imprinted on my memory, your smiles and laughs each day.
Endearment evermore, my love will only grow; look forward to these feelings when you have children of your own.

Comical is something that comes to mind when I think of you.
How you bring a smile to my face with nearly everything you do.
Running and playing with your sister, or “arguing” with our cat.
It’s amazing to me I had a part of where you’re at.
Simple joy and merriment you bring into my life.                       Trisha my sweet lady, I’m so glad you are my wife.

I look at these two children and step back for some perspective.
Although my life isn’t perfect you three shine through when I’m feeling introspective.
Now son, you’ll grow and change throughout the years, just know I’ll always be here to dry up any tears.

Trisha, my love, my one and only in this dream called life.
Realizing early on your tender ways, I hoped you’d be my wife.
I do, you said when I asked that you stay forever near.
Such a sound that passed your lips, beauty on my ear.
Hearts as one, holding on, to our sweet and joyful start.
Always we are one, nevermore to part.




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