The ticking clock proceeds heedless of today’s worries. The road less traveled, the road most tread, either path will do. No difference to be made; when it comes to time all are equal.


The crashing waves erode the sandy shore, the rocky shore, your sense of surety. One direction, one way ticket, no turning back, the rearview is broken, the rewind button is missing, the past has passed, is past, is passé. Tick… tick… tick… No tricks. No treats.


Inevitable, inescapable, inexorable. Ineluctable. Learn from the past but don’t forget to move on. Time… Time doesn’t remember but it never forgets. No sick days, vacation days, personal days. No paid leave and no leaving for pay. Time doesn’t care. Time isn’t given the choice or the chance. It isn’t cruel; it simply is.


Live, love, laugh, and learn. We only get one shot.


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