Where Do I Know You From (Rough Draft)

Hello there.

Where do I know you from?

I feel as though this isn’t the first time I’ve lain eyes upon you. When I saw you from across the room, through the smoke filled dance floor and sea of writhing bodies, my mind at once sent a pulse of recognition.

Where do I know you from?

Perhaps we worked together. I’ve had several jobs over the years. I was a dentist. But no, I remember my receptionists and assistants, that couldn’t be it. Wait, were you a patient? Open your mouth so I can examine your teeth; I’ve never forgotten a well shaped molar! Wait, where are you going? I’m just joking, yes please do sit. Now…

Where do I know you from?

Was it from the time I spent as an maintenance man at ‘The Two Flags’ amusement park in North Bend? Jesus things were always breaking down. That place was hopping, lots of people coming through, but you look like the kind of gal that could’ve been a regular on the wild rides. A thrill seeker, searching for something to take you away from the mundane part of your life. An escape from the ordinary looking for a little something extra if you catch my drift. No! Don’t go, I can see I was wrong again, let buy you a drink and try one more time. Now let me think…

Where do I know you from?

Was it from the time I was the pilot down at ‘Half Priced Flights’ in Cornerstone? Man, that was the life, visiting all the countries of the world! Greece, Japan, New Zealand, Old Zealand, you name it we flew there; and cheap too! It wasn’t called ‘Half Priced Flights’ for nothing! Was that it? I met a lot of women there, passengers, lonely flight attendants… Hey, that’s it isn’t it? You were one of those stewardesses that worked my plane weren’t ya?

The Lady sitting at the bar finally has time to get a word in. She looks at the man and speaks.

  I’m the lady that works at the unemployment office. When you came in last week you said you didn’t have many skills and you couldn’t see any way you were going to find anything you were fit to do.



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