The Ride Home Part 02

Part 02: Alice

Alice sat in the back of her mom’s old beat up Cadillac and stared at the streets as they slid by. She too was thinking over the day’s events. It won’t last, she thought, Andrew and I come from two different social circles; he didn’t even notice me until ‘Miss Thing’ did her magic with that makeup case of hers. If I had left the school today without her expert touch no one would have said two words to me.

Alice’s mom, Tammy, drove in silence the radio playing quietly in the background. Let’s see, she thought, laundry, dishes, and vacuuming when I get home. Then have to make dinner.

She looked at her daughter in the rearview and sighed. Alice was a mistake. The result of playing it too easy with the fellas when she was younger. She never could turn down a handsome face; a nice body. The bad part was when it came time to tellthe man who was to be Alice’s father about her he’d had no problem turning them both down.

It’s not that I don’t love her, Tammy thought. It’s just that life would be so much better, easier, without her. I had hopes, dreams… then along comes Alice… Now the rest of my life will be spent alone, a single mother. Someone has a sense of humor that’s for sure.

Alice shifted in her seat, getting morecomfortablee, and laid head back against the headrest. She closed her eyes and thought back to Brian and his tale of the gun. It was hard to believe that he too shared her thoughts and feelings on suicide. After all this time she had found someone who felt the same as her and though they had entirely different reasons for wanting to commit the act it was something they both wanted. Should they do I together? Two lovers in a dance with death, sharing eternity, the afterlife locked in a macabre embrace? It had a certain dark poetry to it, a certain appeal. I just hope today hasn’t changed his mind, she thought. When it comes down to it we all have to die some day, why not go out on your own terms? Her thoughts drifted to Brian again and her own hidden gun…


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