The Ride Home (What happened after “The Breakfast Club”)

Part 01: Andrew

“So how’d it go?” Andrew’s dad asked as his son climbed into the pick-up truck.

“Fine,” Andrew answered quietly, his mind racing with thoughts about the days events. It all seemed surreal, like a scene from a movie. Just earlier today he felt sure he was alone with the problems he faced, sure he he was the only one with with parental problems like he had. Now he knew he wasn’t alone.

“I’m glad you made it through the day, but I don’t ever want to see you there again, you hear?” Andrew’s dad asked, a serious look upon his face.

“Yeah dad, I hear.” Andrew replied. He stared out the window, watching as the city streets sped by. His thoughts moved to Alice. He had fallen for her quickly, and had never felt like this before. What was it about her that made him feel the way he felt? She had looks, sure, but he had been with prettier.

“No college will give an athletic scholarship to a troublemaker son.” Andrew’s father rambled on; “We’ve worked too hard, come too far to let some silly prank stop us now. What the hell were you thinking?”

“I guess I wasn’t, it was just a bad joke that got out out of hand, that’s all.” Andrew mumbled.

“Well don’t let it happen again.” Dad said, “Anyways, we still have plenty of time to practice tonight; after all, the next meet is only a week away.”

Andrew was silent. Why does he have to push me so hard? He knows I just went through a stressful day, he thought to himself. Practice, practice, practice. Not for the first time he wished his dad would just relax; find a new hobby that didn’t include reliving his old glory days through his son. His thoughts returned to Alice…



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